Speed. Security.

Unlimited Data.

Our low-cost, enhanced community wireless networks mean that your internet speeds are not only going to be fast, they are going to be super fast.

Download Speeds

The Last Mile Broadband internet service provides you with a dedicated high-speed line delivering exceptional download speeds across all devices

Data Plan

No more worrying about how much data you are using. Additionally, at Last Mile Broadband we don't reduce your internet speeds if you are a heavy data user.


We speak wireless. At Last Mile Broadband, we don't require any unique connectivity devices. All of our equipment is universal.


We understand how important your connectivity is. We not only provide monitoring of connectivity but are available around the clock for emergencies.

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Our local area broadband provides multi-unit housing and business establishments with an exceptional option to deliver internet to your tenants while reducing the overall cost of broadband for the entire complex. We deliver high-speed, reliable internet directly to your door.
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Our Services

IP Support Services

Last Mile Broadband provides robust IP based support services to businesses to help offices convert to IP based solutions.

Multi-Units Dwellings

Last Mile Broadband provides fast, stable internet direct to multi-unit dwellings. Peak performance, direct to the building at exceptionally low rates.

Data & Network Consultation

At Last Mile Broadband our knowledgeable team can provide onsite data and network consultation solutions.

Community-Based Internet

Last Mile Broadband can provide your community with exceptional data speeds without the bursts and lag during peak time usage that other providers experience.
Broadband Speed

Last Mile Broadband doesn't experience the bursts and lags of traditional internet providers during peak usage....


Local area broadband provides exceptional durability and provides 99% connectivity unlike satellite solutions....

Stable Speeds

Last Mile Broadband provides fast internet speeds without the bursts and lags of tradition internet providers....


Local area broadband provides 100% compatibility with all your devices and your security system needs....

Last Mile Broadband

We are a local company focused on providing exceptional service, security and value when it comes to internet connectivity. With Last Mile Broadband we offer programs that require no pricey equipment to buy, no expensive installation costs and no limit on your data plan. We provide exceptional broadband speeds at a great value.

Other internet providers boast exceptional speeds but often your actual service speeds fall short. At Last Mile Broadband, our connectivity model assures you a wider data portal so you don't experience those lags during peak usage hours. What does that mean you might ask. It means that traditional internet provider speeds go faster or slower based on the number of users accessing the internet and how much data is being used. With Last Mile Broadband we offer a larger band width to ensure you don't experience the lag times when usage is at it's peak. With Last Mile Broadband, we deliver a fast, secure data network with unlimited access.


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